Blacklisting Process

Guidance of Blacklisting Online Casinos

The team of Bingo Alert talked a lot about finding the best online casino reviews. You will get plenty of sites discussing the top online gambling sites. We all indeed want to find the best one, but not everything is as beautiful as it seems.

Along with top casino sites, some rouges are there that do play dicey games. These sites involve in unethical business practices, treat their players poorly, even withhold their winnings. Bingo Alert knows it stings when you expect entertainment, but instead you get lots of headaches. We have found ways to spot a rugged player or rogue site. Not only that, but we have also shared a list of blacklisted online gambling sites that has caused players a bad experience.

Guidelines on how to pinpoint blacklisted online casinos:

How to pinpoint a rogue casino site

The site list that involves in dodgy business practice

Continuous update of the blacklist sites

How we bring together the list of blacklisted online casinos

Compiling list of online casinos that are blacklisted is a scrupulous process as team Bingo Alert employ a detailed step process. We work with a broader perspective, thus need to check a wide number of categories. Gaming selection, bonus, promotional offers, payment processing, cash out, deposit, customer service, encryption, software are just some of them.

It is not that we debar all of them who are unable to make it to the top list. Rather we sort the worst one out and put them in the blacklist. Bingo Alert team take customer complaints as a red alert. We dig deep what’s the real reason for the complaint and how the casino is reacting to that issue. Bingo Alert investigates the issue and even get in touch with the casino management to find out the real reason. At the end of the day, if a casino is in Bingo Alert list, then it has there for a reason.

Payment Issues

Gambling is no doubt fun, but money can’t be ignored if you are into gambling. Real money matters in the gamble and this might be the reason, payment issues cause an uproar if not handled properly. Most of the people play in online gambling sites likes to get their money in their hands once the payday comes. Any payment issue can cause harm to the reputation of the casino. Most of the top gambling sites settle the payments quite promptly to make sure that players get their money on time and get satisfied. Some are quick while others prefer a bit slower pace of payments. It is fine to maintain a steady pace, but things take a nasty turn when casinos leave the payment hanging or straight away rejects to pay. As per the guidance of the regulatory bodies, malpractice of payment is an offending act and they can take a serious step to stop them. In some cases, online casino sites do it to check but delay the winning amount or denied the payment can not be done. Involving in these two situations repeatedly can send these online casinos in the blacklist category.

Issue of False Advertising

Marketing has a huge impact on the market and advertising, as one of the marketing practice attracts potential customers. When used negatively, this marketing tactic can cause harm to the company and its customers. Issue of false advertising is one such example, where online casino sites come with false promises to earn some extra bucks. Some promises to give extra offers while others use high promises of a welcome bonus. Once a play signs up, the site changes its terms and conditions so that a player can’t claim it. This false advertising trick comes with a consequence of blacklisting of that online casino site.

Unethical Business Practices

The fair practice is the key factor of the business irrespective of the business type. Industry veterans believe that treating your customers fairly and involving in ethical practice helps you to keep your business reputation intact. Bingo Alert, as a top online gambling review site, emphasises treating players fairly. We have a certain category upon which we decide whether the online gambling site is doing ethical practices or not. Lack of responsiveness, customer complaints, and some other factors are analysed properly to understand what kind of unethical practices it is doing. Depending on the category, we put these online gambling sites to the blacklisted category.

Issues of Unfair Games

One of the major issues the online gambling industry now facing is the issue of unfair games. This issue has a major impact on the reputation of the industry. Once a player got affected due to unfair gaming, it creates a negative image of the industry. Some authorised gambling organisations ensured that online gambling sites use random number generators (RNG) system for fair gambling. This system generates a sequence of numbers to select a random integer and wipe out all the possibility of setting specific numbers. It won’t allow online casino sites to choose or predict which number will be selected. Using this system indicate the fact that these casinos are a strong believer of fair gaming policy. If any casino is found to use ragged method to fix up a number, the casino will get enlisted in the blacklist category.

Marketing Spam or Spammers

Marketing is a useful means to connect to people. The marketing strategies done by the online gambling industry is not an exception. It gives online casino industry the chance to get connected with their potential customers. It's good, though somehow opens the door of opportunity for the spammers. Spam emails can cause severe problems. Consuming network resources, account hacking or financial loss are some of them. Bingo Alert is well aware of this fact that spamming can cause turmoil, thus blacklist the sites that are using this method.

Security of Licensing

The online gambling industry has certain guidelines for online casino sites. Licensing is one of them. Industry veterans have emphasis it for making online gambling a highly entertaining means without the constant threat of getting robbed. Licensed casino abides by the rules and regulations of the industry to ensure that they involve in ethical business practice. Financial and private information get secured when player sign up a licensed casino, whereas Casinos without license often opt for malpractice that causes social and financial harm to players.