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It’s true that Brits are way different from the Americans, but when it comes to bingo, it seems that both the countries share a similar interest. Top Bingo sites UK leaves no stone upturned to popularize bingo through the modern application of security and gaming other than its factful presentation. Depending on the performance and player experience, we have selected the bingo best payout sites of UK.

Top Bingo Sites UK - United Kingdom

Are you crazy about Bingo and searching for the bingo best payout sites to play with? Then you are at the right place. At Bingo Alert get the top bingo sites UK recommendations which offers best payouts. As we all know Bingo migrated online - the numbers, age, sex, religion and regions of players have exploded which includes a wide range of both young and mature players alike. And when it comes to UK, approximately more than 2 million people play on regular basis.
The thrills of modern gambling industry has created a massive amount of sites all around the globe whether its in UK, Europe, London or United Kingdom. But the difficulty that players are facing is that there are tonnes of offers and heaps of websites to choose from. Bingo Alert is here to help such players in choosing the best of all by providing genuine reviews and ratings of existing top online bingo sites of UK as well as about the new online bingo sites UK.

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History of Bingo in UK

The game has had its roots in Italy. Back then, in the 16th century, it was called Lotto. Then, from France aristocrats, the game finally introduced in Great Britain. It is unclear how the modern version of Bingo has got its current name, though casino history is showing that during 1920, the initial popularity surge has been tasted by the bingo industry.

Bingo Rules & Regulations in the UK

The United Kingdom is known as the home of Bingo lovers who loves to play on top bingo sites UK. Bingo is one kind of gambling. It is regulated by the government under the Gaming Act 1968 till 2005. In 2005, the Gambling Act 2005 has been introduced that taken control of the responsibilities of keeping a watchful eye on the site operation.
Casino gaming including bingo comes under the protective arm of this act for preventing bingo to be used in criminal activities. According to that Act, bingo is counted as a commercial activity and it can only be taken place in the licensed premise. Under this act, all the operating sites, the new online bingo sites UK have to operate fairly to ensure gambler’s safety.

UK Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission is the regulatory entity for bingo clubs and casinos. Under the Gambling Act 2005, this authorized body was established in Great Britain for regulating commercial gambling in the country. Different aspects of bingo are covered in its website including FAQs on security and licensing. For bingo lovers, the website of the Bingo Association holds a lot of importance. This site is a safe place where all the licensed trade associations are listed. Other than this, this site contains all the valuable information of industry wealth, press releases, facts, figures related to new online bingo sites of UK other than latest news and current updates.

National Bingo Game

National Bingo Game was launched in the year 1986. This new edition of bingo gaming caused changes in bingo legislation in the UK in order to permit multiple games to be played. Studies have revealed that almost 500 licensed bingo sites link up every night of the year, except the Christmas.