Beginners Guide to Online Bingo Games

Bingo is definitely fun, but for beginners it sometimes seems difficult to understand the strategies of gaming. In Bingo Alert Beginners Guidelines, our expert team of bingo professionals have tried its best to present the simplest way of understanding bingo gaming principles and strategies.Here, we have discussed about 5 line bingo gaming that is also known as swedish bingo. Our team of gamers explained this gaming in straightforward way so that newbies get comfortable with this digital bingo game.

Bingo Play Rules

Online casino guidelines explains that in the bingo play rules, some basic sub categories are there. Once new players understand the concept, things will get easier for them.

Card Layout and Pattern

Like 75 ball bingo game, the 5×5 grid pattern follows for 5-line bingo card. Only one difference is there and that is no free square in the middle is given in 5-line bingo card like that in 75 ball bingo. In the bingo game, the word “BINGO” showed on the top and every column is placed under a letter of the word.

“The B column” consists of five random numbers ranging from 1 to 15.

“The I column” comprise five numbers starting from 16 through 30.

“The N column” contains the next five numbers ranging from 31 to 45.

“The G column” have five numbers that starts from 46 and end with 60.

"The O column” contains the last five numbers from 61 through 75.

How to Play

Numbers ranging from 1 to 75 are used if you are playing a standard 5-line bingo game. In case of live bingo hall, a caller is there who call out each number once until the winning combination/s are identified. The same rule applies for the online version of 5-line card bingo game. Here in the online bingo game, the computer software select the balls. In both online and live halls, every number will be called out only one time.

The game starts with the calling of number. Once the caller announce the number, players have to locate the number in their card and use the dabber for marking it. In case of online gaming, gamblers can use auto dabber for marking the number. Some prefers to mark numbers manually as well. In online gaming, it is often seen that some players dab their own tickets for making the playing session interactive, but the choice is totally up to you. In the live hall, the electronic board keeps the track of numbers called out by the caller, whereas online games have a different screen space where the last called out numbers are shown.

How to Win

Winning in 5-line bingo games have five different ways. Players can win the game as many as five winners in each round of the game. We have discussed the winning combinations below:

Single Line Win: It makes the winning combination when first player mark off the one full line of numbers.

Double Line Win: This winning combination makes when two full line of numbers are marked by the first player.

Three Line Win: Three Line Win combination makes when three full lines consists with numbers are marked by first player.

Four Line Win: In this Four Line Win combination, first player mark off the four full lines of numberical values.

Full House: Full House hit when all the five lines of numbers got marked by first player.

Other than this winning combination, there is many more available. In many sites, the casino management counted a completed diagonal, horizontal, or vertical line as a winning combination.

Tips on 5-Line Gaming Strategy

It is true that Bingo 5-Line Gaming is extremely exciting and easy to understand. Knowing the Strategy of this 5-Line Bingo Gaming is fun and our Bingo Alert team has given it a simplistic approach.

Know the Rules

Universally the 5-line bingo is played in the similar way, but different hall and online provider has its own set of rules. The style is different and players should have a clear knowledge about how the gaming will be operating in that online site or live hall. With full understanding of gaming rules, the player do not have to be worried about committing some mistake that accidentally have a huge impact on the gaming money or cost gambler the prize money.

Play in Inexpensive Games:

2nd thing that can prove one of the best strategy as suggested by the online casino guidelines is the choice of gaming area the player wants to play. If players have tight budget, then opting for low priced cards in a casino or online bingo site is preferable. These games enhances the number of games you wanna play, thus provide players with the enhanced chances to win more in the overall session.

Look for Special Promotions

As per online casino tips provided by professionals - Check out your choices that what the bingo providers are offering. Some come up with attractive promotions whereas others go for a unique games. In many times, experts have seen that participating in these types of games can help you to make good use of the buy-in money. The chances are higher that you get a good value as compared to a normal bingo round. If you see buy one and get one offer, you can also opt for it. Stretch your bingo money wisely and try some bingo sites that offers guaranteed minimum prize.

Starts Playing with Multiple Cards

As per advices offered by top casinos, if you want to put odds in your favour, it is always better to purchase multiple cards. Playing with a single card can lessen the chance of winning, thus it’s always better to go for multiple cards. Choose the cards according to your budget and make sure that don’t end up buying excess number of cards. If you are able to concentrate on multiple calls and have fast reflexes, then this gaming strategy is definitely gonna help you.

Combination of Above-Mentioned Strategies

Sticking by a single strategy is not always possible as stated in online bingo guidelines. Combining all the above-mentioned gaming strategies at the right time can put players in a favourable position.

Don’t Play During Peak Hours

If you are a bingo love, then you must understand the bingo maths. According to it, the chance of winning increases at the off peak hours. The more you try harder to play, it’s become harder for you to win. Online bingo guide suggests that instead of playing hard, try the other way. Use your mathematical approach to adjust your schedule and go for off peak time so that it becomes easy for you to maximise the chance of winning.


The winning amount is decided on the ticket pricing and numbers of players participating in the game. Higher or lower amount of winning prize varies accordingly. Some sites offer guarantee but depends on the casino management.