Top Online Bingo Sites Canada

Choosing the top online bingo sites Canada was tricky, but Bingo Alert team has done it with all of its efforts and got successful. We have picked up some of the new bingo sites for best payout Canada as per the performance and revenue generation. We have invested our time in top online bingo sites Canada to check their strength and weaknesses. After all this analysis, we have got the list of terrific new bingo sites offering best payouts to the gamblers.

Top Online Bingo Sites of Canada offering Best Payouts

Many type of players play online bingo game all over the world, whether it is a teenager or a mature person like a senior citizen. After the introduction of online version of bingo in Canada , it is mostly being played by women and men generally falling between the age of 30-50. While searching the top online bingo sites Canada offering best payouts, one need to take into account many different factors especially when the search is for some new bingo sites in Canada. But say goodbye to your fear, easily choose from one of our recommended and suggested Canadian bingo sites, sign up and you are good to go.

Bingo Hall

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Vic's Bingo


Bingo Canada

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Instant Bingo


History of Bingo in Canada

Bingo has rooted in Canada in late 1930 and 1940s. This bingo game found its way of popularity when it was discovered by Edwin Lowe at a carnival, in the form of a beanie game. The bingo game was pronounced accidentally by a player, instead of bingo and from this, Lowe’s bingo idea has clicked. In this country, the game got extremely famous when it was played in churches for different fundraising occasion.

Bingo Rules & Regulations in Canada

Relevant Authorities of Bingo

Consumer Services Section of the Department of Environment, Labour, and Justice .
Quebec (authority over casino operation including contests, and certain types of lotteries) .
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA)
Indigenious Gaming Regulators (IGR)

Yukon Territory

Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs of New Bingo Sites in Canada

Ontario laws

Ontario, the state with highest population in Canada where 90% of people stay near the legal gaming establishment. In 2011, a study has revealed the fact that almost 83% of adults living here in the state indulged in gambling at least once in a calendar year. The game of bingo has been counted in charitable gaming. It’s the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation that looks over the licensing of this game and also involved in managing a diverse number of bingo websites. Experts studied the gaming statistics carefully and came to know that top online bingo sites Canada provides with a large amount of gaming revenue for the state of Ontario.

Quebec Laws

This French-speaking province is offering its population opportunity of indulging in legal games of chance since 1970. In this area, bingo is taken as a charitable game. This bingo gaming is licensed and regulated by Loto-Quebec and many new bingo sites for best payouts are emerging day by day.

Nova Scotia Laws

Nova Scotia might be a small province, but when it comes to gaming, this state has 87% adults who gambling (an average annual expenditure is around $610) Games like bingo come under the domain of Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

New Brunswick Laws

New Brunswick might be a small state, but the variety it offers in gaming is enormous. In this province, people who are around in their 60s enjoy the game of bingo most. Nowadays the younger generation is also taking an interest in this game.

Manitoba Laws

Manitoba, this Western Canadian province has announced gambling as a legal activity. Gambling, in the state of Manitoba, is regulated by the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba. This authorised body established in 2014 as the result of a union of Manitoba Liquor Control Commission and Manitoba Gaming Control Commission. Residents of this state and travellers can enjoy legal gambling.Non-profit organisations within the border of Manitoba are permitted to apply for a license for conducting charitable gaming, including bingo.

British Columbia Laws

British Columbia Lottery Corporation has been offering the experience of gaming to the residents of this state over three decades. It is a must for the Not-for-profit organizations to apply for a license if they want to conduct a charitable event like bingo. Other than this, for bingo lovers, the site PlayNow is also there. It is the only website that is regulated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and launched in 2004.

Prince Edward Island Laws

Since 1976, the Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission is overseeing the gambling activity of this small province. In this state, only the non-profit organization can host charitable bingo games and no new bingo sites for best payout are allowed to perform this activity.

Newfoundland and Labrador Gambling Laws

Newfoundland and Labrador allow most forms of gambling within its borders. Bingo is allowed and overseen by the Department of Government Services. Over 3800 licensed casinos are there in the state.

Saskatchewan Gambling Laws

Statistics by reliable resources have revealed that in Saskatchewan, each household spends more on gambling than the other states of Canada.

Alberta Gambling Laws

The state of Alberta has a long tradition of gambling. Almost 4% of the total budget comes from gambling revenue. In this state, Bingo is legalised as a part of the charitable gambling.